About Royale

Royale has decades of experience assembling fabricated and machined components.

At Royale, we pride ourselves on being flexible and dedicated to providing exceptional value. Our goal is not to win your business today; it is to be delivering value to your business years down the road. Contact us for a quote to deliver machined or fabricated parts with assembly included. If your parts need special fixtures for shipping, our engineers can include design service as well.

The Proof Is In The Parts

No project is too big or too small! From large and heavy transportation equipment to small fixtures for shipping and painting, we provide the added value of a subsystem ready for final integration. Because we have local suppliers for powder coating and other finishing operations, we can machine, fabricate, paint/powder coat, and assemble a subsystem or completed product.

Customer Quotes

"Royale Inc. has worked with us on several projects, which required parts fabrication, assembly and consulting services. Throughout every project they have proven themselves as a leading supplier as well as an excellent partner, delivering on time and on budget as well as providing excellent quality."
-David Somero, Davis Village Solutions