Case Studies

Surface Dynamics, Inc.

Production of device for repairing concrete floor joints


I cannot say enough good things about the products and service we received from Royale. In 2005 we introduced a device for repairing concrete floor joints. We went through three other manufacturers -- two in America, and one in China -- before settling on Royale. One of the American manufacturers was far too expensive, and the other had problems with quality control. 

Why Surface Dynamics, Inc. Chose Royale

According to Mr. Garber, "Royale has met our needs without exception. The products we get from Royale always work, meet our specifications, and are ready on time."

Davis Village Solutions

Production of fabricated parts and assembly services for rugged military, concrete construction, and agricultural machinery 


Royale Inc. has worked with us on several projects, which required parts fabrication, assembly and consulting services. "Throughout every project they have proven themselves as a leading supplier as well as an excellent partner, delivering on time and on budget as well as providing excellent quality," states David Somero of Davis Village Solutions. The most notable projects we have worked together on have been in the military, concrete construction and agricultural industries. For the military, they supplied fabricated parts and assembly services for a very advanced, rugged, all terrain trailer that has been fielded in Afghanistan, in combat and support roles and has performed very well. Most recently Royale Inc. has supplied us with fabricated parts for a large rock picking machine that is used in the agricultural industry.

Why DVS Chose Royale

 According to Mr. Somero, "With a professional 'can do' attitude, excellent, skilled employees and a concern for the success of every project, they have been excellent to work with." 

Prime Designs Case Study

Production of several custom tracked and wheeled vehicles involving fabrication, machining, painting and assembly with hydraulics 


Royale, Inc. has partnered with the advanced vehicle development engineering firm Prime Designs for over 20 years. Prime Designs is widely recognized for expertise in specialized vehicle design, involved in the creation of numerous unique wheeled and tracked systems. "Our first project was a mine vehicle, when Royale was just getting started back in the 80's," states President Phil Quenzi. "But we have partnered on rail vehicles, a tracked snow grooming system for the Keweenaw Research Center, and are currently working on novel wheeled machinery with Royale." Prime Designs has relied on Royale for support in planning fabrication, executing fabrication, machining, and providing full assembly of engines to vehicle frames, hydraulics, and controls.

Why Prime Designs Chose Royale

 According to Mr. Quenzi, "Royale has always delivered on time, their prices are competitive, and in 20 years I have had consistently high quality work from them. They are helpful and add value from planning all the way through final assembly." 

Somero Case Study

Manufacturing of large, custom weldments for assembly into a laser-guided concrete Laser Screed® and production of numerous small components 


Royale, Inc. has been a major supplier to Somero Enterprises for over 25 years. The Royale team works with Somero from initial prototype to final manufacturing, and provides assistance with process improvement, cost reduction, and design changes during the development process. "Royale has been a long term, key supplier to our company," says Russ Stein, Production Manager of Somero Enterprises. "They perform up-front due diligence to ensure complete understanding, and are very responsive to changes throughout design and fabrication." Royale also provides design guidelines, waste reduction advice, and design optimization. 

Why Somero Chose Royale

"One of Royale’s strengths is their ability to handle complex parts and processes," says Mr. Stein. "They provide high quality products, and they are extremely responsive. They provide prompt service and address any questions or issues immediately. We have a great relationship, and I look forward to an ongoing partnership."

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Customer Quotes

"I have worked with Royale through several design iterations that have greatly improved my product. I have had a great working relationship with the company and am grateful for that proficient manufacturer in the local area."
-Vernon Sandel, Lock-a-Draw